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As the leading professional development organization for obstetricians and gynecologists, we are dedicated to improving women’s health. Cosmetic Gynecology and Aesthetic Academy (COGA) produces practice guidelines and educational materials for obstetricians, gynecologists, aesthetic and plastic surgeons, and medical aesthetic specialists and provides practice management, career development support.

By following the latest developments in the field of Cosmetic Gynecology, the academy enables health professionals who want to specialize in this field to achieve professional development.

The aim of COGA is to provide a systematic and comprehensive training covering the latest developments and updated knowledge in cosmetic gynecology. The Academy offers a convenient way to acquire specific knowledge and expertise through periodic trainings. We have done our best to develop courses that are interactive, engaging and memorable. Our expert teaching staff have brought together their many years of diligent work on a variety of cases, including rare and challenging ones, into a training course in cosmetic gynecology. Candidates from around the world, specifically practicing gynecologists, physicians and medical students/trainees, healthcare professionals with different levels of experience will benefit greatly from COGA courses.

At COGA, we believe that training and the dissemination of knowledge in the field of cosmetic gynecology can make a huge difference to our women, their families and society at large.

The COGA Board of Directors is composed of board-certified obstetrician-gynecologists whose professional activities are devoted to the practice of obstetrics and gynecology, who have medical expertise and have achieved high ethical and professional standing.


Surgeon Dr.
Esra Çabuk Cömert

Esra Çabuk Cömert was born in Samsun in 1982 and completed primary and secondary school in Ünye. After completing high school education at Tekirdağ Anatolian High School, she started her medical education at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 2001. After graduating in 2007, she managed to get into Başkent University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the same year.


In 2011, she graduated from Başkent University as an Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist. Between 2011-2015, she completed her compulsory service at Ankara Yenimahalle State Hospital, Diyarbakır Hani State Hospital, Yozgat State Hospital.

After working at Private HRS Hospital and Private Minasera Hospital for a while, she opened her own practice and started to serve her patients. With 14 years of experience, her service areas continued mainly in the fields of IVF and Genital Aesthetics. Again, she continues to practice in many Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries.

In addition, Esra Çabuk Cömert, who has been providing Cosmetic Gynecology trainings for the last 2 years, has provided cosmetic gynecology training to 80 local and foreign doctors. She provides general and individual trainings with a limited number of quotas.

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