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Sex Therapy Education




This training aims to train health and mental health professionals who will work as sex therapists and take part in informing society about these issues, to provide information about the problems experienced in the field of sexuality, sexual development, sexual disorders, sexual identity situations, and sexual dysfunctions.

Content of Sex Therapy Training Program

Addressing the sexual problem systematically, taking a history, making case studies and evaluating the problem, sexual orientation, and gender identity, situation and treatment approaches, and culture; sexual anatomy, behavior, physiology, and sexuality in relationships, love, intimacy Male and female sexuality; sexual disorders and their frequency, couple’s sexual relations Female sexual dysfunctions; dyspareunia, vaginismus, arousal, and orgasm disorders Male sexual dysfunctions; erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation






Sex Therapy Workshop

The Sex Therapy Workshop aims to specialize in sexuality, sexual development, sexual disorders, sexual dysfunctions, and their treatment and to contribute to the training of professionals who want to inform society about these issues.

Participating in this workshop, which will last two full days, is essential to ensure the personal development of the relevant professionals and to complete their professional qualifications.






Education main topics:

The main topics to be covered in the Sex Therapy Workshop are:

  • The Concept of Sexuality and Talking about Sexuality
  • Childhood, Adolescence, and Sexual Life
  • Physiology of Sexual Function and Sexual Anatomy
  • Sexual Functions and Sexual Dysfunctions (SD)
  • Psychology of Sexuality
  • Psychological and Organic Causes of SD
  • Taking a Sexual History
  • Differential Diagnosis and Process in SD
  • Factors to Consider in Evaluating SD
  • Sexual Therapy
  • Sexual Counseling and Guidance
  • Sex Therapy Theories
  • Client–Sexual Therapist Interview and Communication
  • Drug Treatments in Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Sexual Problem History, Case Analysis, and Evaluation

Date and Place:

Saturday and Sunday: 10.00–17.00




E-devlet Approved Sexual Therapy Workshop Participation Certificate
Who can join?

  • Psychiatrists and Assistants
  • Family Physicians and Practitioners
  • Psychologists
  • Psychological Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Expert Psychiatric Nurses
  • Behavioral Sciences Graduates

Painful Sexual Intercourse: It is caused by pain in the genital area due to psychological reasons such as intense anxiety, negative thoughts, memories of sexual trauma, and false teachings during sexual intercourse. The therapist finds solutions to psychological causes.

Desire Differences: It is caused by the inability of couples to adjust the frequency and time of sexual intercourse. The therapist assists in finding a path and frequency acceptable to both parties.

Erection (Hardening) Problems: Men cannot achieve a sufficient erection during sexual intercourse. Although it seems like a physical problem, it has a lot of psychological aspects. The therapist reveals these psychological causes and applies appropriate treatment.

Vaginismus: It is the situation where women cannot have intercourse or have painful intercourse due to the contraction of the pelvic muscles, although there is no physical reason. Among sexual problems, the problem that therapists can solve in the shortest time and quickly with psychotherapy is the problem of vaginismus. Therapist training mechanisms solve the vaginismus problem caused by fear, anxiety, and worries.

The therapist creates a private and safe learning environment during the treatment process of the client with a sexual disorder. Thus, the treatment process is initiated by enabling the person to discover himself, his identity, body, and relationship.

Who Can Participate in Sex Therapy Training?

Those who have completed at least four years of education in the fields of Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Sociology, Psychology, PDR, Social Services, and Child Development can participate.

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