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Luksenburg Systems At Ankara Hands-On Continued Medical Education Course

Date: September 30th – October 1ST, 2023

Place: Türkiye/Ankara – Söğütözü

The Luksenburg Systems urinary incontinence hands-on course will be organized at Dr. Esra Çabuk Cömert clinic and last for  2 days. The first two hours of the course will be theoretical training and the next hours will be hands-on courses with the patients. The attendance will be limited to 6 attendee doctors only. The course fee includes the specialized set of thread kits, 1 night of accommodation and all the local transfers needed during the course. The Course language will be English.


Who is Dr. Ariel Luksenburg?

Dr. Ariel Luksenburg is a Montevideo / Uruguay based Gynecologist and Aesthetics and Functional Gynecologist pioneering in Urinary Incontinence Treatment and Biological Regenerative Medicine.


He is the President of SUGREF (Uruguayan Society of Regenerative, Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology) and member of the leading Gynecology Societies of the World. He has developed innovative treatment of urinary incontinence called ‘Luksenburg Systems’ and has been invited all over the World to teach this method. This method is applied in a short time with a special thread kit and, is a bloodless method which not only treats the urinary incontinence but enables an aesthetic appeal to the vagina.


M.D. – Medical Doctor, UDELAR – University of the Republic – Montevideo, Uruguay, Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics – UDELAR – Montevideo, Uruguay, Surgeon, revalidated for Chile, Doctor revalidated in Spain, Specialized in Gynecology – cosmetics – (Mexican College of Gynecology Cosmetics), Specialist in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Medicine – (Aicer, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Specialized in Laser Fotona (Caracas, Venezuela) and Laser Lumiia (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Speaker and trainer Luksenburg Systems, Speaker and Trainer official Endopeel Gynecologic, Official Speaker and Trainer Peptonas /Linfar (Argentina).


What is the Luksenburg Systems?

The innovative sub urethral spider web system was developed and indicated to treat and cure Grade 3 urinary incontinence. This new and innovative system is carried out in the office, is painless, safe, does not require hospitalization and is totally ambulatory. Its effectiveness is almost 100% and it is usually carried out in only 1 procedure. Until now, the only way to treat Grade 3 urinary incontinence was surgical, such as the sling or retro-pubic strap techniques (TVT and TOT). In any case, due to failures and complications, several countries have discouraged or prohibited its use (UK, USA). Furthermore, no treatment based on thermal energy (laser, RF, EBD) or minimally invasive could achieve promising results for patients suffering from severe Urinary Incontinence (Grade 3).


This new system, which we have named as  “Sub Urethral Spider Web” consists of developing and placing a network of polycaprolactone threads in the suburethral and vaginal urethral space, rectangular in shape, from the urethral meatus to the trigone of the bladder and laterally, branch The ischiopubic ramus like a spider web. In other words, we will “build” a new floor for the urethra, restoring firmness to the pelvic floor (urogenital hiatus)!!! These third-generation absorbable threads will provide firm support to the urethra throughout its entire journey, preventing its descent and hypermotility. In turn, in its reabsorption process (which lasts from 12 to 24 months), the patient’s own body, meanwhile, will form a fibrous tissue that, once the suburethral spider web is completely reabsorbed, will remain in its place, a firm tissue. and fibrous, product of its reabsorption, ensuring the durability of the system.

The key and the pillars to ensure its effectiveness are:

  • Correct patient selection
  • Have all the tools developed and patented for Luksenburg Systems
  • Use Original PCL threads with their special and safe measurements, to make the Sub Urethral Spyder Web.
  • Being an internationally certified medical doctor

Who can attend?

Specialists medical doctors who wish to have a continued medical education and hands-on practice for the innovative Luksenburg Systems urinary incontinence treatment. The fee and further info available at DM via Instagram at @kozmetikjinekoloji.ecc  @thecogaacademy (English-Turkish) or Whatsapp:+90 530 831 54 68 (English-Turkish)

Certificate: An internationally recognized certificate of attendance shall be provided to attendees who complete the course successfully.

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